Design of reconfigurable slot antennas

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Abstract— This Paper presents the design and simulation of a Multiband pattern Reconfigurable Antenna. Switches are being inserted into the antenna geometry, depending upon the switches that are kept on, the antenna works as a Triple/Double/Single Band Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna. The pro-posed antenna also works as a Wideband Antenna.

In this paper, the authors present slotted reconfigurable antennas for multi-standard personal communication systems, using varactor diodes as switches.One of the objectives is to design and predict the performance of reconfigurable antennas with embedded active elements. Design and Implementation of Reconfigurable Antenna For design of reconfigurable antenna we use microstrip ANALYZE THE RESULT PCB material patch antenna. Microstrip antennas are planar resonant cavity that leak from their edges and radiate EM waves. It selection consists of radiating patch on one side of a dielectric substrate having a ground... Reconfigurable Slot-Array Antenna With RF-MEMS RECONFIGURABLE SLOT-ARRAY ANTENNA: RESULTSThe insertion of the RF-MEMS inside the slot entails a major.was reflected and partly reused in the last slots. This configura-tion was applied and simulated at the end of the design of thetraveling-wave array antenna to evaluate the effect of... Design Of Reconfigurable CPW-Fed Slot Antenna With… A novel Reconfigurable Coplanar waveguide (CPW) fed T- shaped patch Antenna with frequency diversity is designed and analyzed.This antenna is found suitable for wireless communication application such as W-LAN and C-Band applications.

communications reconfigurable at lower layers of the networking. The major challenge is to design small antennas which can be operated at different number of frequency bands. For this freq uency reconfigurable antennas need to be designed in which frequency can be tuned so, a single antenna can able to operate at d ifferent frequency bands.

A compact reconfigurable microstrip slot antenna with switchable single and dual band notch functions for ultra-wideband (UWB) applications is presented in this study. Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Circular Patch Antenna ... Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip Circular. Patch Antenna for Wireless Devices. Ghanshyam Singh, Mithilesh Kumar. Abstract — In this paper, a frequency reconfigurable circular antenna design and development is proposed for wireless devices. In the proposed design, a circular patch antenna with circular slot using two PIN diodes at the ...

reconfigurable circuitry that operates on each of these different frequencies. A Reconfigurable microstrip patch antenna is an antenna which can expand the system capability by adjusting its resonant frequency, radiation pattern and polarization. Reconfigurable antennas are becoming more important in defense and commercial

Katehi's expertise is in circuit design and her research focuses on antennas. [16] [17] [20] She currently holds 19 patents. [20] [21] [22] Through her academic roles she has been a mentor to over 70 postdoctoral fellows. [22]

Research projects, Designed antennas. Solution is based on the utilized semiconductor material, which allows one to design the electronically reconfigurable antennas.It allows one to extend the function possibilities of waveguide slot antennas compared with the conventional one.

The proposed antenna is a reconfigurable antenna with different slots .Reconfigurable can be attached with pin diodes and varactor diodes but in this proposed antenna fixed patches had been used to achieve frequency reconfiguability. The main aim of this antenna design is to be used for reconfigurablity with size of 50 x 50mm 2 A frequency reconfigurable dipole antenna with solid-state ... A Novel Design of Reconfigurable Slot Antenna With Switchable Band Notch and Multiresonance Functions for UWB Applications. IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters 11, ... A Pattern-Reconfigurable Slot Antenna for IoT Network ... In this paper, a directional pattern-reconfigurable slot antenna at 2.4 GHz is presented. The antenna can provide three evenly-separated directional patterns and one omnidirectional pattern. The proposed solution is fully suitable for the integration in Internet of things (IoT) network base stations ...